Thursday, May 5, 2011


No other way to put it; had to get a damn haircut and start working full time, don't have time for comix, regular updates suspended til September. I'd hoped to stretch winter schedule a little longer but the Focus needs brakes and I ran out of dough and a lot fell through this winter so three weeks ago I had to start swinging a hammer again. I have a few other projects going, a few videos to be put up late summer or early fall. I'll do my best to finish out series 6 over the summer and do some animal alphabet but I make no promises. Sorry for that. Get on the rss, stay in touch on facebook and check back later if you can choke back the bile. It's summer though so you should be outside anyways. I know I will be. Also, get to San Francisco for Alternative Press Expo in October because I've got a table and some shirts still and who knows what all else. Maybe I'll buy you a Pabst? Think about it and thank you thank you thank you for reading.