Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Hi there! First of all I would like to extend thanks to Shane Bokhari for doing such an excellent job of managing afineexample and for setting up this blog. Well done sir! With this new addition we can hopefully get some sort of dialogue going with our readership, maybe get some suggestions and feedback. I love to hear what people have to say, good or bad, because doing this in a vacuum is not nearly as fun as it sounds.
I've got some upcoming plans for the site. We are going to add a 'news' section, with some friend links, daily thoughts, maybe a captains log, and some other goodies. Also, I have recently gotten in contact with another screenprinter in Montreal (Maxwell went back to Jamaica this February and I don't think he's coming back) so t-shirts are in the works again. I'm finalizing some new designs and those will be up ASAP for people to vote on. Any suggestions in that department are of course very welcome. Furthermore, with the opening of the store we will be selling prints (signed and numbered) of individual episodes, and maybe stickers. Not to be outdone, GoGo is working on 'GoGo's Great Big Color-Me Dossier', a collection of black and white coloring book style pages that you can crayon and stick all over your house. Lots and lots of them.
We apologize for the lack of updates in February and early March, but we are pretty much back on track with twice weekly updates. Pegs and Eggs upcoming for next week and that is going to be a debauche. Also, for fans of global warming, I must again apologize. The crux of the joke got away from me and I hit a wall, but I have finally figured out a new way to extract terrawatts out of puppies. Global three and four are very much on the way.
Talk at you soon, thanks for reading and don't be shy.



Anonymous said...

See, I think doing stuff in a vacuum sounds pretty tight. Or at least democratically tight:
1. It's like you're a leetle bug, and you got swept up in the vacuum. No: you're a little person! Like in honey I shrunk the kids. And there are all sorts of things in the vacuum with you that you can play with, all the while not being used to playing with big things. Now, you might have to fight the bugs at some point, I know. But the upshot is worth it: eating a gigantic oreo, having some hot sister who I probably had a crush on when I saw that movie despite being way too young to have crushes, flying in a paper airplane, etc.
2. Space is a big vacuum. You can float in space. That is awesome.
3. Technically there is no air in a vacuum, so you could not breathe. You need to breathe! This is bad. However, maybe you could slowly practice holding your breath for longer and longer - eventually you'd be able to hold your breath for way longer than anyone you know, and you can be all high and mighty about it. Or just casually drop it when it comes up in conversation:
So, I was at the gym yesterday, and I decided to go swimming, because that's hella healthy, you know?
Yeah, for sure.
Oh man, but I got so out of breath! I'm so out of shape! But not really that out of shape. In fact, I guess I'm pretty hot, with a good body and all (don't judge, this is important later in the story. -ed.) But the swimming! [laughs]
[laughing] Yeah, I haven't been swimming in a pretty long time.
Yeah, I could hardly hold my breath just to swim underwater for a little while, you know...[CHERYL is interrupted by...]
[ In the distance, emphatically, but unrelated to the conversation between CHERYL and BRIAN]
BUM ba Bum BUM!
...while swimming laps.
I spend a good amount of time in a vacuum, and I can hold my breath for at least 3 minutes.
Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's make out, immediately. Then later tonight, we'll totally bang.

So there is some bad about being in the vacuum, but there's also a lot of good. Good totally wins.

kmacwi said...

what's the deal with the royal "we"? better see those gogo stickers soon, a good bumper sticker might justify me buying a car.

Joshua Mankiewicz said...

T-shirt idea #1

"I'd rather be hitting golf balls with a baseball bat."

Brian said...

Wow holy crap how come I hadn't read this before noW?! where is Stanislaus?! He is harshing my mellow all up and down on that cheryl! I would like to go swimming, in a vacuum, in outerspace, with cheryl, and then hit golfballs with a bat from the window of my car which is also idling inside the vacuum which is impossible but I could tinker with the catalytic converter and maybe some compressed air tanks or something to keep it going. Cheryl hops in, we haul ass to Reno and AM radio on ice. keep them coming.